In this zombie role play, the survivors, after nearly a year of fighting off the undead, decide to settle down and reclaim what used to be. Can they survive and bring back civilization?
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PostSubject: Rules! .   Rules!   . I_icon_minitime3/27/2011, 11:57 am

1. Be nice to people OOC, and try not to fight. If you have to, resolve it quickly or take it to the PMs.

2. Don't chat OOC in the IC threads. Send a PM or go to the OOC threads. The only time you may be allowed to do this is if you have to go quickly, then you can post the 'OOC:' thing at the bottom of your post.

3. You're allowed to have up to three characters.

4. Keep it at about TV14, or something to that affect.

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Rules! .
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